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God, it's been awhile since I updated this page. So much has been going on in my life...I need to update much more, but here's a pic of me on my latest bike, my 2003 SV 650S. I got her in November of 2003 and am still getting used to the way she rides.

I got married on March 27, 1999. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Click here to see pictures and read about it:

Thomas & Jeannette's Wedding Day

My previous bike was a 1986 Honda VFR 700 F2. I nicknamed her "Big Red."

One of my favorite sports/hobbies/interests, as you can tell, is riding my motorcycle. I would like to encourage any female who is interested in bikes to get out there, take the Motorcycle Safety Course and start riding. That's how I learned. The course is short and if you pass their riding course you don't have to take the riding test at the DMV. Click below for more information and for classes in your area and get riding!

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

There aren't many females riding (especially sport bikes), so every time another woman starts riding, I'm very supportive. Feel free to e-mail me about any concerns, problems or questions you may have. I got my first bike on August 15, 1997. Any experience I can offer you I will. There is nothing like riding. I'd wanted to ride my entire life, but when I was a little girl, girls were not encouraged to get involved in this sort of thing. "Girl Power" hadn't been invented yet. I actually had dreams of being a BMX bicycle rider and broke my front tooth doing a stupid stunt down a huge hill on a little bike when I was 9.

My first motorcycle was a VF 500 Interceptor. I think it was a great starter bike and would recommend it to any new rider (picture link below). I enjoyed that bike a lot but the moment I saw a picture of my next bike, the VFR, on the 'net, I knew I had to have her. We sold the VF and bought the VFR, with money left over to spare! We were lucky enough to get such a good deal on her. My husband Tom was the one who found the bike for me online. I used to ride my bike to and from work and also like to do long rides on the weekends. Tom now owns a 2003 CBR 600 RR. Before that, he had a 1986 VFR 750. He re-built his VFR many times and put hours and hours of work into it (picture links below). The last revamp to his bike that he did was putting on the original uppers and lowers. It looks nice & stock now. He sold the bike recently to another VFR lover.

Here is my husband Tom on his VFR (Isn't he GORGEOUS) : )

For pictures and information about my family, check out my family page here: Family Page

One of my most exciting trips I took was a trip to Ireland in the summer of 1998 for school, a few pictures are below.

Ireland and its Beauty - Cliffs of Moher

Here is another picture from the same cliffs. I took the picture with my Doc Martens in the foreground to give an idea of how massive these cliffs really are:


Here is a picture of my classmate Katy and I in front of the same cliffs. In Ireland they let you walk up to the edge of the cliffs if you want. There were no ropes to keep us from getting as close as we wanted to the cliffs, which I thought was incredible. We were warned not to get to close to the edge because people have been known to be blown off! As you can see, the view was spectacular:

Katy and I

I presently work as a Technical Writer and received my Masters in English, with a concentration in professional writing and editing, in August, 2000. I'm considering going on to pursue my PhD but I'll have to give it some thought first...)

Here's a picture of Thomas & I heading to my graduation ceremony in August 2000 for my Master's degree:

Here is a more recent picture of Tom and I at Chez Francois for our anniversary dinner. If you're ever in the Great Falls area of Virginia, I highly recommend it!

Tom and I had two dogs, Zeus (Purple Ribbon Bred UKC American Pit Bull Terrier) and Hera (Game-Bred ADBA American Pit Bull Terrier) who we loved very much. Zeus had to be put to sleep, which was very hard on us. Thomas already had Zeus when we met and we brought Hera home on September 8, 1998 to join the family. We also now have Red Stripe who we brought home in May of 2000. He picked me when we visited our breeder by wobbling up to me then falling asleep in my arms. Check out the pets page link here for the latest pictures of our pets. Our Pets Page

Check out pictures of my friends on my friends page. My Friends Page

Before I became an "old married lady," I was really into performing - singing, dancing, and modeling. Here are some pictures of my old performance art band, Bang Bang Machine...

Bang Bang Machine

Another one of Bang Bang Machine

I also used to perform with Vanity Champ, my old roommates' band. Shaun Brennan is the sexy lead singer with blonde hair and Arthur is on bass. My stage name was Mistress Ginger. I danced for the band, it was a blast and the band's GREAT so catch them if you're ever in the DC area. They usually play at the Black Cat or the Velvet Lounge, and various other clubs in the area. Their sound is what I call "glam punk," but you can judge for yourself when you see them.

Vanity Champ

Another one of Vanity Champ

Here are a couple of pictures that I did while modeling. They both were in the Washington City Paper advertising for Zei club, where I was dancing at the time. They were really fun to do. The picture quality is not the greatest, so bear with me, I scanned them from the newspaper.


Modeling (again)

More below...

Tom's Killer Burnout

Tom's wheelie

My First Bike - Honda VF500

Tom and Lenzy (Tom's best friend and best man at the wedding)




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Handla Verktyg Billigt Europäisches Kasino Kasinoer i Europa Fynda Kläder

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